Why Work With FNS?

Our consultants are skilled at rapidly analyzing situations. It all starts with a discussion to understand your timescales and budget, and the risks and objectives of your project.

We customize our clients goals and desires

We provide error reports in the form that is suitable for our client

We specialize in Software Testing & Use efficient Software Testing Tools

Our QA Team-Test Engineers specialize in various testing types

Experienced Project Managers and Quality Control Consultants

We offer (4) flexible FNS business models for a project

Our Models


Based on the available specification, we are ready to provide PROJECT MANAGEMENT OR QA services according to the predetermined and fixed assessment for a certain scope of work within specified timing.

Long Term Projects

This is where the total effort cannot be estimated sufficiently accurately in advance and/or the scope of work can vary during the implementation. Agile sprints on long-term planning with excellent delivery!

Dedicated Team

Enables our clients to expand their own resources in the most cost-efficient and smooth way. You get a remote team of testers who will work exclusively on your project in compliance with your desired requirements.


 For Ongoing projects with unclear objectives and Projects with unfinished requirements. The Hybrid is the best available option – Best of both Worlds , its estimated like a fixed and long term projects but executed like fixed term project.