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Working With Us Delivers:


Based on the available specification, we are ready to provide PROJECT MANAGEMENT OR QA services according to the predetermined and fixed assessment for a certain scope of work within specified timing


This is where the total effort cannot be estimated sufficiently accurately in advance and/or the scope of work can vary during the implementation.


Enables our clients to expand their own resources in the most cost-efficient and smooth way. If you choose this model, you will get a remote team of testers who will work exclusively on your project in compliance with your requirements. You will also get a full control over the testing process and will be able to manage it directly at any time. The team will work with you from the planning phase and be a part of the development strategy.

An independent scalable and flexible test capability

Experienced test professionals or test teams on demand

A tailored solution with a flexible engagement model.

Access to FNS's resource pool, which enables the rapid ramp up or down of resources as required throughout the project lifecycle. This introduces the right resources at the right time and avoids the overhead of full time specialist test resources.

Engagement either on-site or off-site at our Test Lab in central London, or in both locations