Our Business Analysts are experts in understanding your business requirements …
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What we do

  • Project Due Diligence sessions
  • Workshops for requirement gathering
  • Develop Project Time line
  • Business requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Architecture documentation
  • Application demo

FNS BA Professionals

What we deliver

  • Solution Outline documents
  • Business requirements Documentation to guide the expectation of both the stakeholders and developers
  • Functional Requirement Document to guide the expectation of both the QA team and developers
  • User stories and test cases for the QA team

Seeking for stability and synergy in technology as well as business is the sole workable success factor for all the projects of a firm.

Business is much more elaborate than a system associated function and for the purpose of employing best practices in this arena, an organizational perception is highly crucial.

It is very important to have planned collaboration between the requirements of business and what IT produces to get the best software solution. One of the best methods to bring technical communities and business close is by making best usage of business analysis practices in the beginning stages and during the business solution development.

Business analysis is the best practice and is said to be very crucial for the success of a firm. At FNS we work on the lines of this concept and has worked with numerous client organisation.

Having enormous expertise in solution development, the Business Analysis conception of FNS assists the other companies to address a number of important items such as scoping, determining a particular business solution and developing the suite of requirements.

The requirements development procedure usually consists of a number of activities such as context definition, solution scope, specification, analysis, requirements elicitation, validation and documentation.

At FNS, we collect, document and check the requisites closely associated with the business as well as subject matter experts.

Our business analysts greatly help the firms defining the best solution for their business demands and needs taking a note of the set of restraints on which the firm operates, including directives, budget, time and others.

Ensuring the procedure of determining requisites and setting up of collective vision of the solution for all stakeholders is said to be very efficient, time as well as cost effective, the business analysts of our company may organize piece of the on-site service.

Our BA Team Offers You!