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Requirement Engineering

At FNS Business Solutions our Business Analysts are experts in understanding your business requirements and User Requirements that are critical to the success of your business. We start by understanding the senior management’s and the most influential stakeholders’ perspective on current processes, gaining an understanding of your business’s strengths to build on and weaknesses to improve on. The requirement gathering approach depends on the stakeholder as well as how the project directly or indirectly impacts the stakeholders department/business. upon eliciting requirements from stakeholders, we prioritise using industry recognised techniques in order to manage the expectations of the business and drive towards the project exit criteria.

Pain Points Analysis

Anything that impedes the day-to-day running of your business can be considered a pain point. You may be aware of yours already; you may consider them superficial. But the fact is that even the smallest looking problems can become serious over time, damaging your productivity and affecting your bottom line.

At FNS Business Solutions, our consultants will review the way your company works from end to end. They will interview your key stakeholders to learn about the challenges you face now and are likely to face in the future. We will identify your business pain points and their root causes, developing sustainable solutions that will support your business and promote future growth.

Our solutions can be disruptive, requiring changes to your existing ways of working. But whatever we recommend - be it a technology solution or a change in procedure - we know that behind every problem is an opportunity and we’ll work with you to find and act on yours, developing solutions based on your suggestions and our knowledge.

Data Quality Assessment

If your data is not routinely monitored and quality checked, then the consequences can be messy. Our data quality assessment team can banish those problems by offering an objective view of the issues affecting your business, making sure the right data is being captured and reported against. We’ll sit down with your key stakeholders to establish what is going wrong and why. We will analyse data extracts, scrutinise the processes behind it, make sure your data is being properly filtered for relevance, accuracy and significance, and we’ll come up with a new data management strategy.

It may be necessary to look at other business process improvements, training and monitoring - or a simple technical fix may do the job - and we’ll help communicate the changes to all your users, so that your people know what you are aiming to achieve and will support it. Good quality sales data should be like gold dust to your organisation. It should smoothen the daily operation of your business, improve your margins and raise customer satisfaction. Understanding data quality is critical to your long-term success in business.